Shingles that add a discount to your homeowners’ insurance policy?

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Did you know that many insurance companies will give you a discount on your homeowners policy if you upgrade to a hail impact-resistant shingle, known as class 3 or class 4 shingles. 

We always encourage our clients to find out what the discount is on their policy if we install either a class 3 or 4 shingle.  The small price difference between shingles could pay itself off with that discount in just a few years, not to mention the likelihood of saving the cost of a deductible.  

What is different about class 3 or class 4 shingles over traditional architectural shingles?

There are many tests performed on shingles.  The most common are for wind rating which means how many mph the shingle can withstand without any damage.  There are also tests on how many nails per shingle there need to be to ensure the shingle is installed to that manufacturer’s specifications.  

The different classes have all of those tests and also go a little further to see what kind of hail it would take to damage the shingle.  The class 3 shingle is tested with a 1- 3 /4″ steel ball and dropped from a height of 17 feet. The class 4 shingle is tested in the same manner with a 2” steel ball. The shingles are then assigned a class rating based on results from these tests.

Many manufacturers offer a class 3 or 4 shingle, so give us a call today to see if upgrading the shingle is right for you!

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