What’s my warranty worth?

Most all roofing contractors will offer a warranty. What many homeowners have learned is that the company they had install their roof is not around when the warranty work is needed. Although a long warranty sounds great when you are working with the contractor during installation, you want to make sure that the company you are working with is both local and financially stable.

Local:  What good is your warranty if the company isn’t located near you? I believe most homeowners understand that if warranty work is needed a few years after installation the company that was in your town just to “help” during a storm is not going to be coming back just to follow through on a warranty claim. This can be a real headache for homeowners as many repairs outside of warranty are usually out of pocket expenses.

Financially Stable:  Like any business, roofing companies are subject to failure from a plethora of reasons. Please ensure the company you are working with is solid. A company that fails is not going to be coming back to honor their warranties. We have seen several roofing contractors go out of business and then return with a different name and with no intentions to adhere to promises made.

Brown Roofing, LLC is a local Kansas City roofing contractor that has been in business for 25 years and is debt free! We take great pride in knowing that when we offer you a warranty you can count on us!