Repair Vs. Replace

When you start seeing issues with your home’s roof, we hear a multitude of questions on whether the issue can/should be repaired or if a replacement is a better option. There are a multitude of decisions before the conclusions can be made.

Here are a few things to consider:

What is the damage from?

If the damage is caused by wind/hail then maybe the decision lies more on what your deductible is. Many of our clients have a Roof Match Guarantee through their homeowner’s insurance policy. What this means is that if there are repairs needed and the shingle that is currently on your home is no longer made then the insurance will replace the entirety of your roof so that it all matches. This would allow you to get your roof replaced and the only out of pocket expense you would have would be the amount of your deductible.

How old is your roof?

If the damage is minor and the roof was installed in the last few years than a repair to a shingle may be easier and can be done with limited or no changes to the appearance. If the roof is older then there may be larger issues than what appears as just a small leak. Water runs down the path of least resistance and the actual issue could be several feet away from where the damage is visible on the inside of your home.

How long do you plan on being in your home?

If you don’t plan on being in your home for very long and just need a small part fixed then a repair may be your best option. Although, a new roof on a home is a great way to show value when speaking with a potential buyer.

I hope this has helped you with starting the conversation on whether a repair or replacement is best for your needs. One easy way to avoid overthinking these issues is having a professional roof inspector from Brown Roofing, LLC come out and determine what the issues are and helping you with these difficult questions!