Ways to check for hail damage


We’ve all heard the sound of hail falling during a storm and recently a client in Olathe, asked us if there are ways they can do a quick check before giving us a call. There actually are a few quick checks you can make around the exterior of your home without having to risk climbing onto your roof.


Try walking around your home and inspecting your gutters and downspouts. For the gutters, look along the bottom to see if there are any small protruding dings or dimples protruding outward on the front face of the gutter. On downspouts, look for small dings starting about 3’ off the ground and higher. Many can be seen easily, but you can also rub a piece of chalk down them (this will wash off in the rain or you can spray it off with a hose) to help make the dings standout.


Try doing the same for any metal wraps around windows, doors or trim. While doing this keep an eye out for any nicks, tears or holes to your window screens. Often when hail hits a window it will rip a small part of the screen.


Always check your garage doors for small dings. Many times, on painted metal doors you will even see minor paint chipped off around the hail dent.


Look at to see if your air conditioner unit has exposed evaporator coils which easily are dented by hail strikes.

Fifth (I saved the best and easiest for last!)

If your neighbors are getting new roofs from hail damage give Brown Roofing a call! We offer free storm damage inspections and will meet with your insurance adjuster to ensure all aspects of your home are covered if a claim is filed.