Insurance Claims-  Should I File A Claim For Kansas City Roof Damage?

This question is one that most Kansas City property owners struggle with because the prevalent perception is: All claims will cause your premiums to go up, or worse yet, I may get my policy cancelled. The first step of our job is to help educate you about the fact that in most states, it’s a law that insurance companies cannot individually raise premiums or cancel a property owner’s policy due to a storm claim (unlike most other types of claims). So it is a relatively harmless claim to file from a cost perspective.

Our Services

Hail & Wind Damage Inspections

Our experience is unparalleled at identifying storm damage in Kansas City which may not be readily noticed by the untrained eye. We will help advise you if it would be wise to file a claim. Next, we’ll help you every step of the way through the claims process and even meet with the Adjuster to help ensure nothing is overlooked.

Emergency Roofing Repairs

When there is damage to the most important part of your home, keeping the elements out should be an immediate priority. In fact, your insurance company may consider you negligent if you don’t take reasonable action to try to address the issue. Water damage from a roof leak can cause a lot of damage and needs to be addressed rapidly. Brown Roofing understands the importance to get your roof repaired quickly to alleviate further damage.

The only caveat is you may lose a “claims-free discount” if you have one, but that is a small price when compared to paying for a new roof.

You have insurance coverage for these types of losses, and if it’s damaged, your deductible is much easier to come up with than the full cost of a roof and gutters. We don’t believe in filing frivolous claims and will only recommend doing so if sufficient damage is present. We will provide a free roof inspection for you to determine if there is hail or wind damage, then help you better understand the claims process to get the best results. Finally, we will meet with you Insurance Company Adjuster for the claim inspection to help identify the damages and verify the components that should get included in the adjuster’s estimate. This simplifies the claim process and insures there will be adequate dollars approved to put your property back to “Pre-Storm Condition”.

I would like to commend your crew on the good job they did for me. They were efficient, quick, knew their job, and KEPT THE PROJECT CLEAN.

– J. Roach CR, Leawood, KS

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